The quiet city of Copenhagen


Let me start off by saying that Copenhagen is a BEAUTIFUL city. The architecture is very pretty, and Danish design is one of my favorite forms of design ever - and the main reason I went to Copenhagen. But if I'm being honest, in all its beauty Denmark left me feeling a little underwhelmed. It wasn't exciting like New York. There were no mountains and oceans like in Vancouver. And sadly it was no London. I kept trying not to compare Copenhagen to my favorite cities, but no matter how much I tried I kept thinking "I wish I was in __________". I couldn't help it. For my American dollar, everything was rather expensive. But it wasn't just the lack of affordable choices that made my stay underwhelming. Frankly? I was unimpressed with the lack of diversity in Copenhagen. Not necessarily in the people, but in the options available. Maybe it's something the Danes pride themselves in. Coming from the United States, and having visited really diverse cities, I'm accustomed to variety. It's spoiled me. When I craved Korean food, I had one option to go to. Do you want to eat anything other than Danish food? Think carefully.

It snowed in Copenhagen during my stay

It snowed in Copenhagen during my stay

You're probably saying "Denisse, you go to Denmark to eat Danish food". I don't disagree! Danish food was absolutely delicious. I won't argue with that. However! As I mentioned earlier, Danish food was expensive. Save your monies before traveling to Copenhagen. Because eating in Copenhagen is going to be the biggest drain in your wallet. Don't worry about traveling by train. The city is small and completely walkable. Save that money to buy pastries the size of your head. Those are absolutely worth every.single.penny.

Should you visit Copenhagen? My answer would be a solid "yes". Why? Because Copenhagen makes for a relaxing vacation. The quiet of the city, the endless sense of safety and comfort, and the deliciously expensive food are worth experiencing. My main suggestion: visit sometime after April. Not because it's less cold. But because a bunch of places are closed "for the winter". Go when it's warm, sit outside a cafe, peruse the Copenhagen food market, and feel the slow pace of a city completely comfortable in its own self.