A stroll through the Art Institute of Chicago

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The Art Institute of Chicago is MASSIVE. According to their website, they have about 300,000 works of art covering nearly one million square feet. To see the entire collection "properly", you'll probably need a week. Over the 4th of July holiday, I dedicate a solid two hours to explore the expansive collection. As a self-proclaimed chair aficionado, I of course located all the furniture pieces possible. I also walked through The Gilded Age show, The Charles White introspective, and the Georg Jensen displays.

There's something extremely therapeutic about walking around a museum alone. You are not tied to anyone else's pace, and you may choose how much, or how little, you stare at any given work of art. As the crowds rush past you - on the way to view the next titular display - you can glide through the aisles. Time stops, and for however brief it may be, you are transported to worlds you've only ever glimpsed in pictures, books, or movies. In front of you are relics of the past, predictors of the future, and objects of keen familiarity. Art museums are an escape, and one that I highly recommend experiencing alone at least once.