A blog in the age of blogs


I've had several blogs in the past. Every time I start one, I am filled with sky-high expectations, and immediately I dream of this becoming my full-time gig. I, like a lot of millennials, grew up reading blogs. I was inspired by Leandra from Man Repeller, and Emily from Into The Gloss. At every interview, when asked "what advice do you have to people who want to start?" they'd always answer something along the lines of "be yourself, and stay consistent". I had many attempts at being "myself". But as a young woman full of insecurities, I wasn't entirely sure who "I" was. Was I supposed to be witty? Was I supposed to be sexy? How was I supposed to nail interviews with heavy-hitters? I kept hoping for a lot, right away. It's good to dream big. But I've always had the bad habit of trying to run before I could walk, and I just end up disappointed.

So what makes this time different? For starters, I'm just committing to one to two posts a week - I have a full time job, after all. But the biggest difference this time around is that I'm not doing it for anyone other than myself. I'm not trying to be the next Emily Weiss. I'm trying to be Denisse. Like anyone else, I'm definitely inspired by these awesome women. But for the first time, I think I'm comfortable with who I am enough to know why I'm writing. Slowly I'll mold this into something that is its very own thing.

If you're reading this, thanks for joining along for the ride!

- Denisse