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Life simply is

What's the meaning of life? Why do we get up in the morning, clothe ourselves, eat, go to work, etc. etc.? There are times when I think that those who have strong faiths are rather fortunate; they don't have to question the meaning of life.

During my quarter-life crisis, I began to wonder about what was the main motivating factor for me in life. As I worked - paycheck after paycheck - what goal was I striving to meet? For most of us, the dream of getting a job, making money, buying a house, and retiring is the ultimate path. I worked and saved to one day retire. What world would I be retiring into? I'm not entirely sure. Thus began a conflicting journey: if making money to retire was not the meaning, or purpose, of life, then what was?

Lawrence Krauss once said that the mistake humans make is in assuming that life has a meaning. But that instead, life simply is. Humans choose to give meaning to what is actually a meaningless existence. Plants bloom simply because they must bloom. We are because we are. In many ways I found that rather depressing. In others, I realized that perhaps that's the answer to that age old question of "What's the meaning of life?" The answer: life simply is. If we just are because a series of events birthed us into existence, then we are free to go about this world without an agenda - without a purpose. Life will happen as time flows forward. All we have to do is follow the tide.

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