An ode to Apartamento

Apartamento Magazine has been one of my favorite interior design magazines since I discovered it one day in a bookshop. While many interior magazines seem to focus more on the flashy—and expensive—interiors of the rich and famous, Apartamento opened the door to a world of imperfect rooms, cluttered tables, and mismatched decor. Everything was perfectly imperfect, and the interiors featured in their magazines—they do interview artists and famous people—remind me that a home is more than just a white wall. A home is where we allow ourselves to exist fully, in all the great and painful glory. Homes go beyond the art on our walls and the designer furniture we meticulously collect. This is a magazine that celebrates the spaces we live in when there are no expectations, and no guests to impress or entertain.

You can buy their 10 year anniversary book on Amazon, and explore some of their favorite interiors and more.