The sounds of sadness

When I was in elementary school, my grade when to go see Fantasia 2000. Since then, I've seen Fantasia as well. The beauty of both movies for me has always been how the animators managed to visually portray music. Some animations were silly, like hippos dancing ballet; and others like Night on Bald Mountain were perfect accompaniments to the to its title song. Humans have, since the beginning of civilization, made music. And through visualizations we're also able to give that music further life.

So I asked myself: I know what my sadness looks like - or rather, how I look when sad - but is there a way to put music to its backdrop? In the same way movies have soundtracks, can I create a soundtrack to what I feel to be my process of sadness? In other words, working in reverse of the Fantasia teams: choose the music, after the story.

The music kind of takes you through the stages of sadness rather quickly - I wanted it to be around an hour - but this is definitely how it works for me: I'm sad/melancholic, then I start to feel a bit better; after feeling slightly better, I'm reminded of being sad. And then FINALLY, I lift myself out of that negative state of mind. I wanted to end the playlist with a bang, and thought Queen's "We Will Rock You" was the best. To do it right, you have to then listen to an entire playlist dedicated to feeling awesome and empowered.